Re: Banner-busting an idea!

From: Andre Albsmeier <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 17:51:06 +0200 (CEST)

> Andre Albsmeier <> said:
> > I have had a similar problem. My solution was to use a redirector. In order
> > to allow my users to decide if they want banners or not, I used the
> > multiple-ports.patch from Lincoln Dale and modified it in two ways:
> We are using a pretty complicated redirector too, to provide "enhanced proxy
> services" (which basically is just what you describe, filtering/blocking
> stuff), redirecting "bad" requests to a 1x1 pixel transparent gif.
> This approach has several shortcomings though:
> 1. It only allows matching based on the URL. We don't get to see the
> complete request.
> 2. It is impossible to filter (on) cookies this way.
> 3. It does NOT allow filtering based on the reply headers send by the
> server. "text/html" is almost never an ad, mostly they are "image/*".
> (You still could abort transfering the whole file from the server or at
> least prevent the client from having to transfer it)
> In short, while this approach sort-of works, squid needs a more general
> interface for implementing hooks. I don't know if 1.2 is going to be more
> modular, but it would be a big improvement.
> Maybe one day, squid will link happily with libperl ;-)

Yes, you are right. I would also like to see maybe a combination of
junkbuster (this is really a great stuff) and squid (of course, this
is even greater stuff :-)) perhaps one day.

My redirector is rather primitive, but all my users say it is a great
improvement and it has a high hit rate. And I only very seldom see
a user switch to the other, non redirected port... and then only
for a short time...

But your solution would be better for sure.

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