Re: Filehandle patch & Linux Kernels.

From: Jacob Suter <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 12:54:04 -0500

> On inet-access they were discussing building squid boxes. Someone
> suggested using a Cyrix CPU to save money. This is probably a really good
> example of why you shouldn't.
> I'll stay with Intel, thank you.

I'd never recommend Cyrix, but Intel has never done anyone any favors
(or even done anything above "decent"). AMD for me.


PS - You can get K6/200's for well under $100 US these days, K6/233's
(it'll walk over a cheaply configured PII for MUCH less $$) for
$110-$120 US. If you spend $100 on a mobo (FIC PA-2007, VIA VP2 with
1mb cache) and slap a fair chunk of sdram on it (64mb is under $100),
you have a damn fine base for a server., its your friend.... Don't buy cheap generic crap,
get the name brand stuff for about the same price. A few dollars pays
off at the end.
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