Re: how to find a good port?

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:25:21 -0400 (EDT)

I thought about transparent proxy, but since I have control over the
browser configs at the client's location, it is better to specify the use
of a proxy. Transparent proxy unfortunatly has a few shortcomings :-( I
hope someday maybe transparent proxy could be made to work just as well as
a normal proxy so that I can use it with our dialups. Dialup customers
seem to fear proxy configs, even though all they need to do is point at
our autoconfig page (that instructs them -- with pictures -- how to point
their browser at the URL for our proxy.pac).


On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, Jacob Suter wrote:

> What we've done here is allow transparent proxy, and due to this
> redirecting all port 80 proxy traffic to 3128, plus I've redirected 8080
> to 3128, for compatability's sake (one of our competitors runs a proxy
> on 8080, making my life easier.
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