Re: how to find a good port?

From: Jacob Suter <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 17:37:43 -0500

Users are... well.. dumb. Getting dumber... See, every time they
actually try to use their Aptiva, Packard Hell, NEC, Compaq (JUNK!),
etc, they screw it up... They're scared to do more than than turn it on
and off.

Transparent under 1.2 so far has been great. Unluckily it only
redirects port 80, but over 80% of our customer dialup traffic is port
80 www traffic.


Bill Wichers wrote:
> I thought about transparent proxy, but since I have control over the
> browser configs at the client's location, it is better to specify the use
> of a proxy. Transparent proxy unfortunatly has a few shortcomings :-( I
> hope someday maybe transparent proxy could be made to work just as well as
> a normal proxy so that I can use it with our dialups. Dialup customers
> seem to fear proxy configs, even though all they need to do is point at
> our autoconfig page (that instructs them -- with pictures -- how to point
> their browser at the URL for our proxy.pac).
> -Bill
> On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, Jacob Suter wrote:
> > What we've done here is allow transparent proxy, and due to this
> > redirecting all port 80 proxy traffic to 3128, plus I've redirected 8080
> > to 3128, for compatability's sake (one of our competitors runs a proxy
> > on 8080, making my life easier.
> >
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