Document-specified access controls...

From: Jason Riedy <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 10:59:45 -0400

Is there any way currently to specify access controls from the
served document's headers? If not, would anyone be horribly
opposed to my investigating adding something like the ``Cache-
control: community='' stuff in the HTTP/1.1 draft, but that
specified an ACL the client must match to retrieve the document?
(See the 13 March HTTP/1.1 draft, pages 97-8, for a discussion
of Cache-control extensions.)

I've set up squid as an httpd accelerator, and I'd like authors
to be able to restrict documents to a local network. So far,
this is the best idea I've had. If someone has a better one,
I'd love to know.

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