Stopping Netscape 4 Bookmarks from reloading pages

From: Mark Burton <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:46:34 +0100

I apologise in advance if this covered in the Squid docs. I have

We have been using squid happily for at least 18 months to serve a few
local machines from machine with a dialup (ISDN) connection. Accessing
a page using a bookmark with Netscape 3 will just fetch the page from
the cache when not connected to the outside world.

However, accessing a page through the same bookmarks using Netscape 4
always fails with DNS lookup failure when not connected to the outside
world. It seems to me that Netscape 4 is fascistly forcing the page to
be reloaded when it is accessed via a bookmark. Just clicking on a
normal URL works OK though, i.e. a page already in the cache can be
retrieved when offline.

Is it possible to stop this happening?


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