RE: multiple runnings of Squid on RedHat Linux 5.0

From: Erik Lewis <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:20:50 -0400

The freedom of speech issues are not ones that I can win. I have a mandate
to do this whether I want to or not, but I don't have to filter every
machine the public uses. Only a third of my public machines will be
filtered which is a decent compromise.

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>You might find your workload reduced if you point the library
>administration to The American Library Association's "Resolution on the
>use of internet filters" [1], and perhaps the "Library Bill of Rights"
>> The question how do I set up a filtered version of Squid on the same
>> machine. Is it possible seems to me its a matter of choosing a different
>> port for the proxy.
>The Internet Junkbuster[3] (another filtering proxy, free, aimed at
>privacy enhancement rather than censorship) has a 'forward' option that
>lets on configure it to pass on proxy requests that pass the filters to
>another proxy server.
>I expect that there's a similar option in the SmartFilter software. You
>run both proxies on the same machine, but on different ports, and then
>'forward' requests from the filtering proxy to squid.
>> Northwest Georgia Regional Library System
>Ah, that would explain the filtering.
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