Re: Squid Disinformation

From: Alfonso Correas <>
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 20:12:11 +0200

Adrian Sunderland escribió:
> I read with interest an article in today's UK issue of Network Week
> about web-caching. The article included comments from Ed Gordon,
> Managing Director of Inktomi (Europe). In particular, when asked
> whether European ISPs were ready for more sophisticated caching
> products, he said:
> "There are some early adopters in Europe, but people have been
> using freeware - products like Squid - which doesn't have
> transparency, or is not dynamic, scalable or offer the performance"

This remembers me the last meeting that i've had with a NetCache
representative. He said me that Squid versus netcache is like David vs.
Goliath, and Squid doesn't have none to do with netcache

Ummm... like BOFH said: some people remains alive because killing them
is a delict... though!

> Perhaps somebody at NLANR would like to make a response to Network
> Week, so newcomers to web caching don't get sucked in by the
> marketing hype of commercial cache vendors.

Could be interesting hear something about this from NLANR... could be
some Kickboxing rounds with the inktomi managers make some effect, or
better a comparison Squid versus XXXXXXX vX.XX <-- Put here some dreaded
cache software name.

P.D: To the people who doesn't know about BOFH stories can make a good
and enjoy reading at under the section 'net humor'
the complete BOFH stories.

	Alfonso Correas
	Comm Networks
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