efficency of squid

From: Holger Reif <Holger.Reif@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 13:09:58 +0200

I want to know, how "good" squid works. This is to get something
100 MB requested
 30 MB served from cache
 10 MB fetched from parent/sibling 1
 10 MB fetched from parent/sibling 2
 50 MB fetched from original servers

The scripts from the squid homepage doen't seem to provide this
info to me.

My question: which items should I loot at in the log file?
I.e: which ResultCodes belong to which category and which
numbers should be counted together?

I hope to get the scritp done bymyself ;-)

read you later  -  Holger Reif
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