Re: Squid as Web SERVER (for .pac files)?

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 01:56:23 +1000

I can type it out from memory, if you want:

echo "HTTP/1.0 200 Eat this"
echo "Content-type: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig"
echo "Cache-control: no-store"
echo ""
cat /usr/local/etc/autoproxy.pac
/bin/sleep 5 # Occasionally necessary to let buffers flush

If you hang that off port 80, then any web-request that comes in will
get your autoproxy script, no matter what they actually ask for.


Juan Carlos Leon wrote:
> On Thu, 7 May 1998, Dancer wrote:
> > If you are giving them a proxy config via a PAC file, there's no reason
> > to put squid on that port. Put it in another. Put it on another machine.
> > Put it anywhere. The PAC file tells them where to go.
> >
> > You don't really need to run a whole web-server to deliver it. I use a
> > shell-script through inetd.
> Nice, can you give us a copy of your shell-script?
> Juan
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