MRTG and Squid (Basic Stats)

From: Bruce Campbell <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 17:10:09 +1000 (EST)

On Sun, 10 May 1998, Igor Vinokurov wrote:

> > flatlining on the graph. (mrtg is fun, also have graphs of total squid
> > activity, very pretty ;) )
> A quick... :)
> Could you tell me URL about configure mrtg for visualize squid stats?
> If so, post it also in squid-users mailing list for reduce asks like this :)

*shrug* basically shell scripts which return mrtg-sane values.

The stats I do have on the squid machine:

Network traffic (SNMP from the switched hub)
System Load (shell script via tcp-wrappered telnet)
Number of Accesses/Stores (as above)
Disk Usage (as above)

The graphs.. well, (this is turning into more than a casual query), the
easiest way is to show them:

This also includes basic instructions on how to do it yourself.


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