Re: Max 4000 and Transproxy

From: Christopher Heschong <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 17:25:50 -0400

Squid Mailing List wrote:
> Hi, is there anyone that could tell me if it is possible to redirect port 80
> on a Max 4000 box to a squid box. We are doing it on other machines but they
> are running modems not a max box.
> Much appreciated.
> Tim Jennings.

It should be fairly simple to point the default gateway on your Max4000
to the squid box, perhaps with a secondary route to the old gateway.

It is indeed possible, as we did it for several weeks with 2 or 3 Maxen
here. We have temporarily stopped til we get some new servers (with
more than 32MB RAM even. ;)

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