Squid vs. NetCache

From: WaiSun Chia <WaiSun.Chia@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:23:41 +0800

Dear fellow squidsters,
I've stumbled upon this while surfing, especially check out the 2 graphs
depicting Max URLs per hour and Median Response time.

Are they for real or just a lot of hot air? Any Squid gurus are familiar
with the Harvest Benchmark?

     "NetCache delivered significantly higher throughput
     and faster response time than Squid or other Unix based web caching
commercial solutions,
     as shown in comparisons below. This workload consisted of a data
set with a size of
     221MB, 15000 URLs and a cache hit rate of 30%."

More details at:

Wai Sun
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