squid - dnsserver and packet filtering on the same machine ?

From: Olivier GOSSELET <ogosselet@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 18:59:22 +0200


Here is my problem.
We are running squid 1.1.20 on a Linux 2.0.33 . It work fine.
For now, this machine is also our gateway to the Internet for other services not handle by squid. So we must put packet filter rules on it and there begin the problem.

We understand the client request and the squid access to the net mechanism (i call mechanism the TCP/IP port and addres used by squid). So we put the filter rules according to that.
If we launch the filter rules and then the squid, it fail to start due to a dnsserver test problem.
But if we first launch the squid and then the filter rules squid still work but only if we enter the ip/address of the WEB site.
With these filter rules, if we ping www.yahoo.com our squid machine is able to resolve name. So there is no communication problem with our dns server
I think that it's only a communication problem between squid and dnsserver (process).
Can someone explain me how squid dnsserver process work.
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