Re: Proxy-Remote

From: Karl Schaffarczyk <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 98 20:35:39 +1000

>> if you have the following directives configured, it should work fine:
>> cache_host parent 3128 3130
>> inside_firewall
>yeah. Overlooked this for the first time. By the way, if i had 2 or more
>parents, would squid "look for" the one, with better connection to remote
>site, or pick the first in the list? (or the first, which's reachable

squid will send an ICP ping to each parent and will select the one which
returns that it has the object already cached, if no parents have it
cached then the quickest one to answer will be used..
>> sounds like he hasn't setup /etc/resolv.conf correctly on his squid
>> machine
>hmm.. My idea is that some libraries there went crazy, but how would i
>check which ones? when i run dnsserver, it reports of some lib. symbol,
>which it can't resolve (_h_errno) and gives me sig. fault.
can't help here....
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