Re: Proxy-Remote

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:55:59 +0200

CyberPsychotic wrote:

> Yep. Thanks.. By the way, I thought that squid's default behavior
> would be (if i don't use inside_firewall). try to fetch thing
> directly.. if failed, get from some parent, right? strange.. I was
> playing with it, but squid reports "can't get.... operation timeout",
> if it can't reach host directly.. anything to check?

If you set inside_firewall, then squid is told that it can't go direct
and always tries to go througth a parent. If no parent if available then
a error is returned.

Without inside_firewall squid is a little more flexible:
1. Fetch it from nearest cache having it cached
2. Go throught a parent (with a couple of important exceptions)
3. Go direct

Squid never falls back to a parent if it fails to go direct, only the
other way around.

> I guess that's not the problem. I tried to run dnsserver manually:
> it reports can't resolve _h_errno and gives Seg. Fault. I think some
> library went crazy, right?

Yep. If your loader reports unresolved symbols then the program is not
correctly built. Rebuild it from the sources.
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