Re: Proxy-Remote

From: CyberPsychotic <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 15:16:16 -0500 (GMT+5)

> Search for firewall in squid.conf ;-)
> inside_firewall (squid 1.1.X)

Yep. Thanks.. By the way, I thought that squid's default behavior would be
 (if i don't use inside_firewall). try to fetch thing directly.. if
failed, get from some parent, right? strange.. I was playing with it, but
squid reports "can't get.... operation timeout", if it can't reach host
directly.. anything to check?

> And of course you have to configure a parent cache for this to work,
> using the cache_peer directive.

> > can not perform DNS checks correctly (after 5 tries) and then gives up
> When Squid starts if tries to resolve a couple of well known DNS names
> to check if DNS is working properly. If you use a internal DNS that
> can't lookup external names then you have to either reconfigure Squid to
> use well known internal names (dns_testnames in squid.conf) or disable
> the DNS test alltogether by starting squid with the -D option.

 I guess that's not the problem. I tried to run dnsserver manually:
 it reports can't resolve _h_errno and gives Seg. Fault. I think some
library went crazy, right?
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