Re: Squid redirector script

From: Jeffrey Borg <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 17:30:42 +1000

Ok The reasons for such a redirector
I have 1 very unconfigureable redirector currently - it's only a binary and
I carn't do much about the blocklist compiled into it!
Now I have had a look at squirm and I find this very useful as well. -
Mostly blocking banner ad's
Now because squid can only use one redirector I would like to set up some
perl script to act as the redirector and use two redirectors at once.
But the squirm redirector will be the main redirector
and the nonconfigureable one for another

now the non-configurable one just returns another web page of choice BUT
carn't include the original address in it? so I would also like the perl
script to change this to another address including the original site in it.
THE other redurector squirm might also return a site which the perl script
will pick up on and this tell's it to ignore the other redirector (this is
when I want to override the other redirector)

Idea's anybody??

the machine isn't under a great deal of load and 1-2 redirectors are plenty

>> so request comes in -> sent to both redirectors
>> But if both return a different url then take number 1 as the one that is
>> correct
>I am a bit curious: why would you need such a redirector?
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