Re: squid and dns problem at FreeBSD - the second

From: Dirk Nerling <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 18:34:00 +0200


>Did you compile squid from FreeBSD ports distribution or did
>you compile your own?
The first 4 installations I build the squid just from squids

>I notice that squid from ports distribution has patch for
>dns.c code. You may take a look for those patches for FreeBSD
>on squid11 ports.
Thanks for the hint. I had a look at the patches from FreeBSD
port collection. I applied them and all succeded - unfortunately
I have the same problem as before. :(

Seems as I have to check something other at my FreeBSD and not
at squid. Could something on FreeBSD block the dnsserver? Do
I have a port allocated or what? Whats squid doing at this point?

1998/07/16 09:40:47| Successful DNS name lookup tests...
1998/07/16 09:40:47| dnsOpenServer: $hello read test failed
1998/07/16 09:40:47| --> got ''
1998/07/16 09:40:47| dnsOpenServers: WARNING: Failed to start 'dnsserver' #1.

best regards and thanks in advance!
Dirk Nerling

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