Re: squid on AIX with two Ethernets

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:25:38 +0200

Gergely Olah wrote:

> 1., I used to start squid directly from inittab, with respawn. Is
> it correct, or should I do it differently. (To have the nicest solution.)

inittab should be fine, provided you start it after the runlevel

> 2., I have to do no -o ipforwarding=1 to connect the two subnets.
> Which init file is the most appropriate place to put it in?
> (inittab? rc.tcpip?)

Somewhere before your network interfaces are configured. The order does
not matter much when you want to turn forwarding on, but is very
important when you want to ensure that it is turned off at all times...

> 3., I had an acl line telling squid who can get access to it.
> (Basicly it was the whole network.) Should I have to separate acl
> lines for the two subnets, or can I just use one supernet?

Whichever suits you best. Using the subnets is usually easier to
understand as it reflects your network configuration.

> 4., Do I actually have to tell squid that it has two ethernet cards?
> If yes, how?

No you do not have to tell Squid anything. When Squid does not know
anything it listens to every interface, as do most other network

The only configuration available in Squid is to limit it to one of the

Henrik Nordström
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