Small problems with squid configuration.

From: David Darville <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 00:20:35 +0100

I have to set up a small squid installation, with 2 squid's configured
as each others sibling's, and each cache authentifing users based on 2
different password files.

I started out using Redhat Linux V5.1 for the job, and got it running
with squid package that ships with redhat 5.1 (Squid 1.1.21 + pauth
patch), but when testing it I found some clients could crash it with a
"wrong authenticate_state" message, wich I located as originating from
the code from the pauth patch, therefore build a new version og squid
without that patch, but based on V1.1.22, with the ordinary proxy_auth
method enabled, and that version does not crash

But with that version I could not configure it to allow the other squid
to fetch objects without demabding password, even when following the
instructions from the faq paragraph 10.7, I just get a "
aclParseAclLine: Invalid ACL type 'proxy_auth' " error.

Therefore I would ask if there exists a version of the pauth patch,
then the out used in the redhat squid package, because I really like
the possiblity to use an external probram to verify the passwords.

And second how to configure a proxy_auth enabled squid to allow
nighbour caches to fetch obejcts without demanding passwords.

- David Darville
Received on Thu Jul 16 1998 - 15:22:24 MDT

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