Re: squid makes network connections slow?

From: Katariina* <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:52:33 +0300

double 6???

check below...

Diego Varona wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Katariina* wrote:
> > hello,
> > we are using a PentiumPro 200Mhz machine with 64mb memory and
> > 2scsi hard drives which are 4.2gb and 6.4 gb.
> > the operating system is FreeBSD 2.2.6 and squid version is 1.1.21
> > I have set 256MB of swap on 4.2 gb hard drive (it is dedicated to OS)
> > and I set 6.4gb hard drive to cache (dedicated to Squid)
> >
> > and here is a copy of my squid.conf file generated by cachemgr.cgi
> >
> > here the problem comes....
> >
> > the people in my company says that when they use proxy it makes the
> > system
> > so slow, I mean they say that when they connect thru proxy the web sites
> >
> > come so slowly. May it be true? or that is their psychologic stuff?
> >
> > I mean that they are thinking that they are connecting thru a 3th party
> > machine and that makes them connect that may be true???
> >
> > thanks.
> >
> KATA !!!!
> I think so the problem you have, may be are caused by this reasons
> 1) Check the trafic of your LAN.
> 2) Your LAN are SWITCHING?
> 3) Try move it the cache filesystem to another filesystem
> independent of the SO phrase example: /home/squid/cache/...and
> make the links respectives.
> 4) Look the configuration of client machines and check DNS
> Local configuration.
> 5) Check the bandwith utilization.Use MRTG.
> 6) The configuration of your etherCard is ok? no hardware
> Conflicts in DMA and IRQ?
> 6) No listen the impressions of your users impressions service
> allways. :)
> Diego Varona

1 and 6)check out the LAN? well we have a switch and our main machines are
connected to 100mbit ports of the switch, well I am able to transfer
one file from one machine to another with 60mbit/s (well that is what the
switch says, but also as I observed an 127mbyte file goes in 15 seconds
or something like the switch is right)
this also proves that there is no conflict on my ethernet cards :)

2 ) what do you mean by switching?

3) why should I move the cache directory? well I have a disk mounted to
cache directory and it is dedicated to squid cache!

4) well DNS configuration should be ok...

5) what is MRTG? where may I find it?

double 6???

6 again) what do you mean by listening to impression of users?
I feel like they are psychologically thinking that it is slow but it is
just the same speed...

did I miss something?

well in fact, maybe I could not tell my problem exactly...
some people in our office say that when they enable proxy
in their browsers they connect and download web sites slower!
and then when they disable it, they start to connect to web sites
is this possible when we have max 20-30 users on a pentium pro
machine with 9.5ms SCSI disks????
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