From: Katariina* <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 20:02:00 +0300

I have some questions about refresh_pattern
thing in squid.conf, I hope somebody knows about it
well I have examined doc/Release-Notes-1.1.txt
but I could not understand some parts...

there refresh_pattern is consisting of
min_age percent max_age ...

as I understood...

if I write 1440 to min_age
then squid will give the cached objects which
are cached in last 24 hours without even asking
the server if it is changed...right?

and if I write 2880 to max_age part
and if the object is 2000 minutes old
squid will check the ??expires?? value
and if the object expires value is lower
than NOW then it asks the server if the
object is changed, if it is not then gives
the object to client

and if the object is
3000 minutes old then squid asks the server if
the object is changed since it got it...
is this right?

so what is percent for?

I mean there writes that LM_FACTOR = AGE / LM_AGE
and AGE is the elapsed time after we got the object
into cache. LM_AGE is how old the object was when
we took it into our cache...the default refresh_pattern
of squid is refresh_pattern . 0 20% 4320
well, if the object is 10 minutes old when we got it
from the server then after 200 minutes
it will be LM_FACTOR > PERCENT and the squid will
return STALE.

but if the object was 1000 minutes old when we got it
from the server then the LM_FACTOR will be bigger than
the percent after 20000 minutes and till that time squid will
return FRESH.

is there a way to disable usage of LM_FACTOR?

well to my opinion old pages have more chance to get
updated than pages updated 10 minutes ago!
but squid is thinking that old pages are less updated
if I understood right...

what is this???????

I am so confused right now!

also there it says that
CLIENT_MAX_AGE and EXPIRES are may I set squid
to not to check them???

thank you for reading thiis loong email...
sorry if this is a stupid question :(
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