Load Testing

From: Tom Brisco <tbrisco@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 11:23:18 -0400

        Has anyone done anything specific about load-testing certain
configurations? I'm building a clustered system that is targetted at a user
that is significantly larger than the current user base (just a few thousand
estimated 50K - 100K users by January, 500K next summer). I'd like to do
explicit testing, but find no real references out there.
        To date, I've used a (slightly modified) version of wget to
repeatedly transfer
web trees (wget has command-line support for proxy authentication) -- but
I'm pretty
sure that that doesn't realistically simulate average user behavior ;-)
        Before dumping some time into this -- has anyone seen/heard of any
work going on?

                                                                - Tom
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