cache-digest errors.

From: Karl Ferguson <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 16:55:17 +0800

Hi Everyone.

A fellow sibling and I are attempting to use cache-digest instead of ICP as
an experiment and getting the following error on occasion:

The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL: 
The following error was encountered: 
Forwarding Denied. 
This cache will not forward your request because it is trying to enforce a
sibling relationship. Perhaps the client at is a cache which
has been misconfigured. 
Generated Mon, 05 Oct 1998 08:17:41 GMT by (Squid/2.0.RELEASE) 
We're both running 2.0-Release, and my sibling line for him is:
cache_peer sibling 80 3130 weight=70 no-query
As far as I can gather, our squids are setup correctly, we both allow
eachother as siblings to share our caches (and that works fine) via icp.
The logs at their end for this particular request is:
907575395.321     20 TCP_MISS/403 1100 GET - NONE/- -
907575395.321 RELEASE FFFFFFFF  403        -1        -1        -1 unknown
-1/995 GET
Now, aparantly the cache on is configured so as not to expire at
all (in fact, his cache is still filling up and reference_age is a year) so
we're wondering how this can be...  This is happening more often, it
wouldn't be so bad if it were occasional, but when errors start to come
through as soon as you've taken out their "no-digest" line, we can't have
that :-)  (OTOH, it does WORK - requests do get sent though and reply
perfectly as well).
I think I've also already answered my own question by showing his logs - it
seems that there's a false hit there (ok, there's lots of false digest hits
- a _lot_ more noticable that a false icp hit anyway).  They're also seeing
the same on our cache here.  I have a suggestion that we increase the
frequency of the digest refreshing (I think it's set for 3600 seconds == 1
hour) to something like 30 mins or less.  But I have the feeling that this
wouldn't make much of a difference.
Any help appreciated (the also reads this list - so please cc to
it as well).
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