Squid dying problems

From: Chris Owen <listsonly@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 01:02:03 -0500 (CWT)

OK, I've got to ask for help. I've got a instance of squid dying on me
about 1-2 times a week. Not real sure what is happening, but here is what
I do know.

Two almost identical machines. Both are 200Mhz Pentium (ASUS
motherboards) with 256MB RAM. / is a 2GB drive with two 4.3GB drives for
the cache (I've tried just using both drives by themselves to rule out a
bad drive).

Both machines were working perfectly with RedHat Linux 5.0 and Squid
2.0.2x (compiled by me). Then I updated both machines to RedHat 5.1 with
RedHat's RPM. One machine has run for months flawlessly, while the other
has had nothing but problems. This machine has been completely
reformatted and rebuilt from scratch a number of times. It has RedHat 5.1
with all updates, including the update to the 2.0.35 kernel.

Here is what I know about the lockup. Squid dies with the following error
in cache.log:

FATAL: Received Segment Violation...dying.

My monitoring script usually restarts squid, but then within a few minutes
(or hours) the machine usually locks up (no video, no nothing). It
continues to answer pings, but not much else. I can't find anything else
in any of the logs really. One time I saw a bunch of SCSI errors and one
time a HUGE number of memory errors (block on freelist at 0a423190 isn't
free), but nothing consistent.

My first guess would be a problem with RAM, but it didn't happen until the
RedHat 5.1 update, which points to software. My next effort is to try to
do a new clean install and use squid 2.0 (there isn't an RPM of it and I
wanted to stick to RPM versions, but I've compiled it with no problem). I
just thought I'd ask here first and see if anyone had any more ideas.


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