Re: Load Balancing over several interfaces

From: Michael O'Reilly <>
Date: 14 Oct 1998 14:27:00 +0800

Karl Schaffarczyk <> writes:
> Hi Squid People,
> My bandwidth 'supply' is as follows:
> 2Mb Link (main feed, fast but expensive)
> 128k Simplex satellite link (secondary feed, cheap, but cannot
> handle much)
> Is there any way in which squid can be made to use one outgoing IP
> address until the 128k link is saturated, and then use another outgoing
> IP for requests over that saturation point?
> Does anyone have any ideas for implementing something like this?

ifconfig eth0 # via telstra
ifconfig eth0:1 # via bird

# Put 2/3rds of traffic via bird.

while sleep 1 ; do
        route add default gw # address of gateway router
        sleep 2
        route add default gw # secondary address of same
                                     # router.

The source address will be the IP address of the interface the packets
will be routed out. If the packets are routed via an aliased interface
then they'll use that IP number. So just keep flipping the default
route to suit.

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