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From: Thilo Manske <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 14:57:17 +0200

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> I'm a squid user and squid is not working with Magma's WebChat Software. I
> searched in the mailing list for some help but without any success. When
> my users connect to a WebChat, they get a message saying that the nick is
> already in use. At this time, my users have to disable de Squid Proxy
> Cache everytime they want to chat on a web based chat. If there is a
> solution, please, tell me because I have a lot of friends that use Squid
> also and are having the same problem.
Perhaps this gives you an idea:

I had some similar problems here with the "Allegra chat". This chat
works with URLs refering to the host "" and a non-standard
port# (something like "") so I added
"" to my hierarchy_stoplist.

BTW: Most browsers have a "no proxy for" option, so you may enter
hostnames (or something like that) of sites wich are to be contacted
directly by the browser.

Hope this helps,

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