Re: refresh rules

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 11:41:27 +0200

Evren Yurtesen wrote:
> hello,
> thanks for reply,
> I am using 1.NOVM.22 and as I saw from your homepage
> there is just a patch which adds override-expire option.
> can I use the patches for other releases too?

I think the patch applies to 1.NOVM as well.

reload-into-ims is present as a global option as well, so you don't need
to patch anything to get that functionality. Remove it from the refresh
pattern and add
reload_into_ims on

> what about the lm-factor? can it be more than 100 ?
> can I set it to 2000 ?

Yes. Setting lm-factor to a "infinite" value is currently the same as

> I also want to know about the maximum values I can put
> into refresh_pattern expression.

It is counted in seconds from the request time, so it really does not
matter if it is set to a large value or a huge value, the effect is the
same. One year is 60*60*24*365=31536000 seconds.

The maximum is what fits into the types time_t and int on your platform
(usually 2^31, or 68 years).

Henrik Nordström
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