Re: Forwarding loops with squid 2.0 RELEASE

From: Niall Doherty <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 15:07:24 +0100

> > The fix Duane is referring to breaks any forwarding loops that are
> > detected. It doesn't stop them occurring.
> Given the frequency, I suspect they are only happening on false hits.
> This is logical, at least. True hits won't generate a loop.

two-way false-hits or something is an appropriate term I think...
(Henrik came up with that :-)

> > One way of stopping them is to configure your cache so that any
> > requests that originate from siblings, do not cause requests to
> > go out to any other siblings (and the other sibling maintainers

> I would have thought it more suitable for this to be the default
> behaviour. That way if I configure my cache in the naiive fashion, it
> works without complaint.

That's what I thought too - but apparently there are some cases
where this is desired behaviour. I really can't think of any
though. Anyone got such a situation ? or can even think of one ?


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