Squid & Time

From: Marc Lucke <hohums.list@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 14:48:15 +1100

In the Squid mailing list archive there appeared:

Many thanks Mr. Nordstrom.

I worte:
> > BTW the 'date' command gives the right date and time.
> Are you sure?
> Try:
> date
> env TZ=MET date
> env TZ=CET date
> env TZ=Europe/Berlin date
> env TZ=GMT date

Your are right, 'date' gives a different time, if the environment
variable TZ is set.
And, as you promised, squid reports the right time as well after TZ is
set with the right value.

So once again many thanks for your help

Rolf Schmidt

'date' returns the same thing as 'env TZ=Australia/Sydney date' (which is
exactly what I want). Yet Squid 2.1PATCH2 still reports GMT. I am sad
because there seems to be something very obvious that I've missed somehow &
I am unable to locate it. If someone out there takes pity on this situation
and points me to some documentation I would be highly grateful.

Marc Lucke
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