Re: squid -k shutdown : still squid processes

From: Stuart Young <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 17:18:30 +1100

At 17:11 30/12/98 -0500, Peter C. Norton wrote:
>> If you are using RunCache and like squid -k shutdown to work then use
>> --enable-kill-parent-hack. The purpose of this "hack" is to
>> automatically kill RunCache when you tell Squid to exit.
>Instead of runcache, I have to recommend Dan Bernstein's daemontools. It
>establishes a mutex in a directory that has some other info so that if you
>use the "supervise" program to run squid you can't accidently run another
>copy. Runcache doesn't seem to have this intelligence.

Do you have an example command to do this? (Always good to add to the FAQ.)

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