Re: list of url's for content filtering

From: Fre de Vries <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:03:47 +0100

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Van: Tilman Schmidt <>
Aan: Fre de Vries <>
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Datum: maandag 11 januari 1999 19:08
Onderwerp: Re: list of url's for content filtering

>The criteria for what "one" would like to block are much too ill-defined to
>make a single list possible. Some want to block porn, others make a living
>from it. Some want to block dissident political sites, others deem it a
>cornerstone of human rights to let them through. Some want to block strong
>crypto software, others think it should for security reasons be
>as widely as possible. Etc. etc.
>You'll have to ask more specifically, eg.: "Is there a list of sites deemed
>illegal in country X", "is there a list of sites considered politically
>incorrect with respect to community Y", or "is there a list of sites which
>are likely to offend a faithful member of religion Z".

I try to stop students on a highschool to visit unwanted sites.
Unwanted for me (and probably many others with me) , means sex, games,
violence, extreme political groups and so on.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to maintain a list wich is split up sections
with all sorts of unwanted url's , domains, and or ip-addresses??
People who want to use it can delete portions of the file they don't see as
unwanted. Ofcourse there has to be someone in charge to be the list-master,
to look for double entry's and so on.
Ofcourse there is a risk someone adds a URL of someone he/she dislikes.

Just an idea

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