Re: list of url's for content filtering

From: Tilman Schmidt <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 10:27:10 +0100

At 20:03 11.01.99 +0100, Fre de Vries wrote:
>Wouldn't it be a good idea to maintain a list wich is split up sections
>with all sorts of unwanted url's , domains, and or ip-addresses??
>People who want to use it can delete portions of the file they don't see as
>unwanted. Ofcourse there has to be someone in charge to be the list-master,
>to look for double entry's and so on.
>Ofcourse there is a risk someone adds a URL of someone he/she dislikes.

The problem I see is that this is a lot of work, so no one will want to
do it for others without getting paid. Also, if more than one person uses
such a list then all of them will have to agree on the precise criteria
for inclusion in it. One's extreme political group is another's human
rights activist.

To wrap it up, I don't think a published list is feasible. The only
approach that can possibly work is to form cooperations between sites
with a similar culture, agree on a common AUP within such a group, and
then nominate someone to translate that AUP into filter lists for that
group - and maintain them. The group can then also decide on the
distribution of costs.

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