Re: Re[2]: FDs & linux again.

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 13 Jan 1999 12:01:14 +0100

In article <>,
Pawel Pierscionek <> wrote:
>MvS> Did you use the filehandle.patch.linux patch (v8.04 is the latest,
>MvS> I think) or did you just increase the FD_SETSIZE value in the
>MvS> kernel? In the latter case, that's your problem. You really
>MvS> want the filehandle.patch.linux thingy.
>Yes, the kernel is patched THAT way, but I get OUT OF MEM style
>crashes long before hitting 256FD's.
>Do I really have to wait for kernel 2.2.0 ?

I have no idea .. we run on Debian 2.1, with:

- squid-2.1.2, compiled with async IO (threads)
- libc6_2.0.7u-7.1 (that's the 1998-08-28 snapshot)
- Linux 2.0.36 patched with filehandle.patch.linux.v8.04
- 128 MB RAM, 64 MB swap
- 2x 4.3 GB SCSI striped in RAID0 mode for the cache

.. and it's running just fine.


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