Re: ? do I have to use modules in transparent proxying in linux ?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 21:58:23 +0100

Utku Er wrote:

> 1- do I have to use these modules below in /usr/src/linux/modules ??

Nope. No modules are required for ipfwadm redirection.

You need to enable "Ip: firewalling" (CONFIG_IP_FIREWALL) and "IP:
transparent proxy support" (CONFIG_IP_TRANSPARENT_PROXY). "IP: always
defragment" is also recommended (may actually be required in some

The ip_masq* modules are only required if you want to run Linux as a
masquerading firewall (sort of NAT device without proxies). Masquerading
is not really related to transparent proxying with Squid.

> 2- do I have to make modules ??
> 3- do I have to make modules_install ??

only if you want to use modules.

> 4- do I have to install these modules in every reboot ?

Nope, but you need to have modutils installed if you want to use

If you want to use modules and your system does not support modules then
the best action is to upgrade to a distribution that supports modules.
While adding module support as a add on is possible, there are a number
of packages that needs to be properly installed to get it to work, and
it is many times easier to reinstall the whole system (usually also has
the positive sideeffect of getting most other things more up to date).

Henrik Nordstrom
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