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From: Ole Moller <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:28:39 +0100

Hi Squid-Users!

I have a setup with one Parent proxy and 6 childs. The parent is connected
to my backbone and the childs are located at other physical locations and
connected to the parent via leased lines. All proxys running squid 1.1.21.
All childs at configured with one parent and no siblings.

Lately my parent proxy has become a little overloaded (i.e. response time
for a TCP_HIT is raising to more than 3 sec at peek-hour). I want to setup
a second parent-proxy. My idea was to configure the childs with two
parents, my hope is that this will give me a better service in case one of
the parent proxys should die. The question is would the childs find out to
load balance between the two parent proxies? Or should I use the
round-robin-option on the parents in squid.conf on the childs? If so what
happens then when/if one parent dies? Would it be an advantage to configure
the parents as each others siblings?

Any comment or idea is welcome


Ole Moller
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