SNMP stats & Cachemgr.cgi

From: Marc Lucke <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:37:07 +1100

snmpwalk (blah blah blah)


enterprises.3495. = Counter: 1023114
enterprises.3495. = Counter: 19892294

The description of these OIDs in the mib.txt file is:

        cacheHttpInKb OBJECT-TYPE
                SYNTAX Counter32
                MAX-ACCESS read-only
                STATUS current
        ::= { cacheProtoAggregateStats 4 }

        cacheHttpOutKb OBJECT-TYPE
                SYNTAX Counter32
                MAX-ACCESS read-only
                STATUS current
        ::= { cacheProtoAggregateStats 5 }

From my cachemgr.cgi, I get these figures:

client_http.kbytes_in = 1023129
client_http.kbytes_out = 19892728
client_http.hit_kbytes_out = 4460416

Considering that the figures are almost identical for
cacheProtoAggregateStats 4 & client_http.kbytes_in &
cacheProtoAggregateStats 5 & client-http.kbytes_out, I make the assumption
that these are the same.

What exactly is cacheHttpOutKb & cacheHttpInKb?

I have assumed that client_http.hit_kbytes_out divided by
client-http.kbytes_out would give me the ratio of cache hits to the total
number of kb served which would give me a kb hit ratio of about 22%. When I
look into the general information section of the cachemgr cgi, I get:

Cache information for squid:
        Request Hit Ratios: 5min: 49.7%, 60min: 49.8%
        Byte Hit Ratios: 5min: 20.6%, 60min: 25.6%

on a consistant basis & that is what I've based my assumption of how to
calculate the ratio on. The other thing I am basing my assumption on is
that I have a hit ratio of about 45%. To me it seems a lot more plausible
that my hit kb vs total kb ratio would be more like 22% & yet if I take
cacheHttpInKb and divide it by cacheHttpOutKb I get 5%.

What am I missing? Or what have I got wrong/misunderstood? Can I have a
hit ratio of 45% & a hitkb ration of just 5% in a normal Squid setup?

Marc Lucke
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