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From: Elza de Mattos Paiva <elzap@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 12:29:29 -0200

I upgraded from version 1.1.22 to 2.1.PATCH2 of squid.
Then I realized that I had too many misses and very few hits,
that is, my old cache was not been used at all.

I read some orientation that to use the old cache I would have
to run both versions of squid for a while (and do some other

It would be very nice to keep it, but I do not mind loosing my old cache.
So my question is:

if I delete the cache/log file and restart squid will my cache be rebuild
in the same place it is now? will I have any other side effects by doing

Thanks in advance.

Elza Paiva

Vetor ISP - Suporte Tecnico
Av. Nilo Pecanha, 50 gr 1410
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
Tel: (021) 533-1370
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