Newbie: Access Control

From: anneck <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:16:58 +0100

Hi there list people,

I have been given a task to solve the following problem.
And I was wondering if the squid proxy is able to do solve it or if one of you
know a different way to solve it.

The only way for http_requests to leave the house is, if they come from our
proxy. Everything else will get dropped by the firewall.

Now, managers have decided that we need addional restrictions inside the
company who will be able to "surf" at all and stuff....
In detail I need to be able to identify 3 user groups
A: With complete access
B: Only access to Intranet
C: Access to Intranet + 6 specified domain names *sigh*

I read the dok's and found the "acl" rules.
I think that with those rules and access controll enabled I could solve the
problem. Am I right?

And if I am right, lets just say the managers decide to exploit this "certain
users - certain access rights" concept... will this be manageable in the

If squid is not the right choice to solve the user/access problem, which
software would?
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