Re: Squid & Raid

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 16:55:15 +0200

Robert J. Adams wrote:

> Just wondering what kind of performance hit I'm going to see if I go with
> RAID5 on a squid server. From what I've heard RAID5 is a bit slower on
> writes but faster on reads?

RAID5 is terribly slow on small random writes, which Squid generates a
lot of. RADI5 is defenitely NOT recommended for a Squid cache
filesystem. For the log filesystem it might be ok.

My recommendation is to have one cache_dir for each physical drive.
Provided that the OS makes the filesystem read-only on failure Squid
should continue to operate properly (can't say that this situation is
extensively tested, or even tested at all..).

If you need fault tolerant Squid filesystems then you probably have to
use plain mirroring, which for most people is a bit to expensive for a

Henrik Nordstrom
Spare time Squid hacker
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