Re: Time on Squid

From: Joel Taqueban <>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 10:53:39 +0800

Henrik, I'm sorry but I did change the UTC time to local time ( using %t )
but still I keep on getting the UTC time. I even tried to reboot my linux
but that didn't work. Files edited were errorpage.c and errorpage.o

Any thing I missed?


Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> Joel Taqueban wrote:
> >
> > Thanks Henrik. I was able to change the error message. However,
> > you said I change the Squid time so that it displays my local time,
> > how do I do that? At the end of the ERR_ACCESS_DENIED message I
> > have only the two line </UL> and </P>. What part of the file do I
> > need to change or add?
> You have to add a custom signature to all error messages, using a
> different time format specification.
> Squid automatically appends the following signature when there is no
> signature in the error page itself (criteria: %s is not used):
> ---- cut here ----
> <br clear="all">
> <hr noshade size=1>
> Generated %T by %h (%s)
> </BODY></HTML>
> ---- cut here ----
> To get local time reported instead of UTC without hacking Squid sources
> you have to manually append this signature to all error messages, but
> use %t instead of %T for the time specification.
> See middle of src/errorpage.c for a complete list of %_ codes that can
> be used in error pages. Note that not all codes make sense on every type
> of error page.
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> Henrik Nordstrom
> Spare time Squid hacker
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