Re: SOCKS support?

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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 12:47:46 +0200 (MSZ)

Yup, thanks. I also got it running by socksifying the source (see previous
port). My point was that I think there ought to be a "clean" way to do
this (such as a GNU autoconf flag to "configure"), unless there is a real
good reason not to use SOCKS (the number of replies so fare seem to
indicate that at least lots of people are using it successfully). If there
is a good reason (David Woolley indicated some for high-end environments)
then there ought to be some pice of documentation coming with squid
explaining why. Now you can do a "find -type f | xargs fgrep -l SOCKS" and
get 0 result. Not exactly helpful if you are someone scratching your head
trying to find the best way to get connectivity through your firewall.

Otherwise we have to start hacking with the next release again.



> SOCKS5 'runsocks' worked wonderfully well for me. If you runsocks the squid
> startup, the library redirection passes through to the dnsserver apps and
> such.
> > I would really like to see "clean" SOCKS supoort for squid (such as in
> > ssh: "./configure --socks4=/usr/local/lib/libsocks.a" for example, with
> > dedicated socks4 and socks5 support).
> >
> > It is a nuisance trying to socksify such a complex application as squid,
> > and, in fact, it has not worked out for me yet (dnsserver does not work,
> > environment is AIX432, IBM xlc compiler, squid-2.2.DEVEL3).
> >
> > I guess the situation is quite standard: an environment where one does not
> > want to install a proxy on the firewall but behind it on the Intranet, and
> > all connections from the squid proxy to the Internet should be made via
> > SOCKS.
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