SOCKS support?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 14:17:27 +0200 (MSZ)


I would really like to see "clean" SOCKS supoort for squid (such as in
ssh: "./configure --socks4=/usr/local/lib/libsocks.a" for example, with
dedicated socks4 and socks5 support).

It is a nuisance trying to socksify such a complex application as squid,
and, in fact, it has not worked out for me yet (dnsserver does not work,
environment is AIX432, IBM xlc compiler, squid-2.2.DEVEL3).

I guess the situation is quite standard: an environment where one does not
want to install a proxy on the firewall but behind it on the Intranet, and
all connections from the squid proxy to the Internet should be made via


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