Re: Squid use/enhancement questions

From: Clifton Royston <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 17:56:51 -3400 (HST)

Jonathan Hall writes:
> In regard to your statements below... I had never realized the
> difference. How did you come to this determiniation?

  By the first page I pulled up ( taking a while to come
up, and then seeing the GIFs come in one-by-one instead of instantly...
even though that was one of the first things into the cache when I
started messing around with the server. Then I thought about it a
moment and realized why it had to be. (Actually, I think I might have
seen discussion of this somewhere at one time, I forget where...)

> I had always
> assumed that requests coming through a transparant proxy were handled the
> same way as other requests. Both types of requests are logged in the
> squid/access.log file by the FQDN (unless perhaps there is no FQDN to
> begin with).

  Exactly. When you're connecting via an explicitly configured proxy,
the browser knows that it's talking to a proxy, so it provides the
proxy with the host it wants to connect to by name. When connecting
via tproxy, the browser *thinks* it's talking directly to the remote
host, so it can simply start talking HTTP directly to the destination
IP address, and there is no FQDN provided. (Well, with HTTP 1.1, it's
there as one of the first header fields in the request. That might be
a better alternate solution - to make it substitute the Host: FQDN if
and only if provided via HTTP 1.1. See RFC 2068 sec 5.1.2 and 5.2.)

> If it's true that requests via tproxy and other requests are duplicated...
> I definately want a way to fix this, too! :-)

  I haven't even started looking at the source yet. Don't expect
miracles. (Unless somebody else would care to provide them.) :-)
  -- Clifton

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