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From: Josh Kuperman <>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 13:01:07 -0400

        This question basically concerns using Squirm as a redirector and isn't
related to Squid at all. But as they have the same first three letters I
figured it will be OK.

        I couldn't make up my mind if I would be better off with a PERL script for
a redirector or using one of the available ones. I decided to use Squirm;
perhaps a mistake, I can't tell yet. [I suspect I'm just having more of my
problems with regular expression.] It was pretty easy to install. Squirm,
like most redirectors is designed more to send the request to an alternate
site. It is not designed to stick in passwords. I am having a hard time
getting the Squirm to work well enough so it will behave the same as if I
put in the password in Netscape. In order to succeed in implementing
Henrik's suggestion below I need to do the following:

1. determine which URLs require the password.
2. Insert the password into the request using the redirector.

These two steps were accomplished somewhat awkwardly using a squirm basic
setup. Squirm does support a forth field in their pattern matching to
accelerate the process. I found I was getting unexplained matches and
failing to match unless I spelled everything out. I have not figured out
how to do what would make the most since which would be:
        1: Detect requests made to the valueine site http:/
        2: Put in the login and password keeping the rest of the URL.

The problem with the stuff below is I need to entries for about 24 web pages.

This is what I've been doing, with login:password substituted for the real
login and password. "regexi" means to ignore case in the following field
which is a regular expression to match; there is also a regex for case
sensitive mathcing. The second field is a regular expression and the third
is the expression to substitute.

regexi ^http://www\.valueline\.com/secure/updates\.html
regexi ^http://valueline\.com/secure/updates\.html

regexi ^http://www\.valueline\.com/secure/vlispdf/stk5000/index2\.cfm
regexi ^

regexi ^http://valueline\.com/secure/dl-vlis\.html
regexi ^http://www\.valueline\.com/secure/dl-vlis\.html

regexi ^http://valueline\.com/secure/download\.html
regexi ^http://valueline\.com/secure/download\.html

At 08:44 PM 5/26/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Josh Kuperman wrote:
>> Is there I way through redirecting or some other method where I could have
>> squid autmatically submit the logon and password when someone goes to
>> particular site that requests one.
>Yes. Rewrite them to
>using a redirector.
>Henrik Nordstrom
>Spare time Squid hacker

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