Our loner squid retrieiving unreqested mystery data

From: Marc Lucke <info@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 10:17:42 +1000

I was wondering why Squid 2.2 stable 4 would go out & get over 300 mb
& 100 mb the next day worth of data by itself at full speed without a
request for it (byte hit ratios were showing negative). Quick abort
settings are very close to default - cache digests are off, ICP is
off, we don't use a redirector, maximum cacheable file is 16 mb, this
is not a parent or sibling cache & doesn't interact with any other
proxy systems, & it has never done this (to this extent) before. The
only thing is that I 'lost' 6 gb of cache recently & Squid has been
cleaning cache files a lot as a result.

Can anyone explain this or can anyone tell me which direction to head
to figure it out? Naturally this is resonably important to me - I'd
like to know that if I let it run its course that it will eventually
resume normal operation.

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