Re: Our loner squid retrieiving unreqested mystery data

From: Marc Lucke <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:57:08 +1000

* No evidence, I don't keep the access logs, I send them to
/dev/null. I have been running Squid/Linux for a long time with not
so many problems.
* I graph Squid's SNMP variables using MRTG & a formula that Henrick
Nordstrom gave me when I was asking how to do such things. Normally
the traffic coming in is less than or equal to the traffic going out
but on both occassions MRTG showed Squid downloading at the maximum
rate of our bandwidth unrelentlessly. Some clients reported that
their downloads were down to 300 k (where normally they are getting
about 5.5 K) and all other evidence available points to Squid (ie none
of the other machines showed corelating traffic).

I fully accept that this may not be a difficulty of Squid but I would
like some suggestions, if the advanced users on this list are feeling
magnaminous enough, as to what might explain the behaviour &/or if
anyone else has had the behaviour too.

Thanks Alex,
Marc :-)

>From: Alex Rousskov <>
>To: Marc Lucke <>
>Subject: Re: Our loner squid retrieiving unreqested mystery data
>Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:11 am

> On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Marc Lucke wrote:
>> I was wondering why Squid 2.2 stable 4 would go out & get over 300 mb
>> & 100 mb the next day worth of data by itself at full speed without a
>> request for it (byte hit ratios were showing negative).
> Do you have any traces of the "extra" downloads other than negative byte
> hit ratios? Any access log entries that show a request being served
> without a client on the other end? How do you know that the data was
> downloaded "at full speed"?
> Alex.
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