How do I kill off squid?

From: David Marsh <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 02:31:53 +0100

I know this sounds like a brain-dead question..

I've recently installed squid to experiment with it, but recent posts on
this list have led me to investigate wwwoffle instead, as it may better
meet my needs (to cache pages so that I can browse them offline on my
humble intermittent dialup box).

At least until I'm sure what I'm doing, I certainly don't think I want both
of them running at once..

However, neither
squid -k shutdown nor
squid -k kill nor even
ps aux | grep suid followed by appropriate kill -9's

seem to kill off this tentacled beast!

As soon as squid is killed off, another tentacle appears in its place!

Can anybody tell me how I get out of this one?

2.1.PATCH2 for i386--freebsd3.2, for what it's worth..



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