Access Controls

From: mike <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:59:35 -0400

I've been experimenting with squid over the last few day's, in hopes of replacing my Netscape Proxy Server's with squid. I currently have two proxy server's listening on port 8080 and 8181, 8181 is a filtered proxy, I've been able (with some advice from this list) to get it to peer with my filtered cache, and that works fine. My next question is can I have one squid daemon listen on port 8080 and 8181 (I know I can do this), but somehow distinguish between which port the request came in on, what I want to accomplish is people coming in on port 8080 have full unrestricted access, while people accessing squid on 8181 are forced into the Filtered cache, can someone give me an idea if 1) This is possible 2) How to go about setting this up. I would like to avoid running two instances of squid if this is possible.

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